Madiba & Nature | NGO in Africa

Who are they?

They are a non-profit organization and work to promote the circular economy to ensure the conservation of nature and its biodiversity. They are green business researchers and entrepreneurs. Through an environmental education system, they want to help change people’s attitudes and bad habits about the management of plastic waste that degrades sensitive ecosystems.

My Project

I met them via an open platform, Givingway. My job was to make a great website for them. I had to make their presence online. I asked all the details and got into work. I had to do several changes time to time, but the final result was awesome. You can check the results from the website below. From very scratch to great-looking optimized website.


I did everything on WordPress. And I completed everything within 2 days. Yes, only two days of working around 16-17 hrs/day. It was my passion to do.


Finally, they rated me 10/10 stars on Givingway. Also marked me in recommendations. And they provided me a certificate.

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